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The Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale

The Avaluator Trip Planner

The Avaluator is a tool developed by Avalanche Canada to help backcountry users manage avalanche risk. The Avaluator forms the basis of the Avalanche Skills Training 1 course and includes the chart shown below. With the Avaluator Trip Planner, you can combine the ATES rating of your planned trip with the day’s danger rating to give you guidance on how to proceed.

Hover over or tap on the icons to learn more about each colour band.

Click on the icons to learn more about each colour band. Trips that fall in the green mean you should exercise NORMAL CAUTION. You can generally travel with confidence, but you should still be on the lookout for hazards and use safe travel skills. Be wary of individual slopes and keep an eye out for conditions that differ from expectations. Accidents in this risk band are infrequent. A marker on the mapTrips in the yellow band require EXTRA CAUTION. Safe travel requires an advanced understanding of the current avalanche problems. You’ll be taking bigger risks and need to know how to mitigate them to travel safely. You should be constantly evaluating slopes and using safe travel habits is critical. Advanced trip planning and group management skills, significant personal experience, and humility are essential. A marker on the mapIf you find your trip falls in the red band, NOT RECOMMENDED, your risk exposure is too high. Conditions are primed for avalanches and even careful decisions can result in accidents. You might get away with it a few times, but you run an increased likelihood of getting caught in an avalanche if you continue to recreate in the red band. A marker on the map