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Chapter 8

Backcountry Resources

Congratulations! You've completed Avy Savvy!

We hope this gave you a good understanding of things you need to know to recreate safely in the winter backcountry. This online tutorial is not a substitute for taking a field-based course. If you haven't already, we recommend your next step is to take an Avalanche Skills Training 1 course.

Here are some resources that will help you on your backcountry journey.

Avalanche Canada Training

You can find all the information you need on Avalanche Canada Training courses here. Now that you’ve completed Avy Savvy, you should take an Avalanche Skills Training 1 course. If you've already taken an AST 1, than AST 2 is your next step, or consider taking Managing Avalanche Terrain or Companion Rescue Skills.

You can buy a copy of our AST 1 handbook at our online store.

Mountain Information Network

The Mountain Information Network, or MIN, is a place where anyone can share their observations from their day out. It’s a great place to see reports of local conditions.

The Mountain Weather Forecast

This forecast is produced daily by the Meteorological Services of Canada for Avalanche Canada. It is incredibly useful if you want to get a more detailed look at the weather impacting western Canada.

Avalanche Glossary

This is a comprehensive glossary of avalanche and weather terminology. If there’s a term you don’t understand, there’s a good chance it is explained here.

Rescue at Cherry Bowl

Explore this engaging and interactive website to experience the true story of an amazing backcountry rescue from the point of the rescuers and the survivors.

Throttle Decisions

Throttle Decisions is a video series produced by Avalanche Canada focused on avalanche safety for snowmobilers. While sledders are the target audience, anyone entering the backcountry will find it useful.

Avalanche Quebec

Avalanche Quebec is the public avalanche safety agency for the Province of Quebec. They organize outreach events, administer Avalanche Canada Training programs in the province, and produce daily avalanche forecasts for the Chic Choc mountains.

Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go is a free avalanche awareness program from Utah Avalanche Centre. It includes videos, an online course, and a selection of learning materials.

Mountain Conditions Report

Reports submitted by members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. These field observations are available year-round and are a great source of first-hand information from mountain professionals.

BCA Training Videos

Backcountry Access produced numerous transceiver training videos that will help you with your rescue skills. These include complex rescue scenarios that aren’t covered in Avy Savvy, but that you will learn if you take an AST course.

Now head to the Avalanche Canada website to find your regional avalanche forecast or nearest Avalanche Canada Training course!