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About Avy Savvy

A snowshoer and some skiers stand in an open valley looking up at avalanche terrain.
Avalanche training opens up a world of possibilities. When you know more, you can go farther with confidence.
Peter Hoang

Avy Savvy is designed to be a precursor to the Avalanche Canada Training program. Those of you who have taken an Avalanche Skills Training (AST) course will find this tutorial a useful refresher. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How avalanches form
  • How different types of avalanches are classified and why that’s important to you​
  • How to identify avalanche terrain
  • How to use the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale
  • How to understand the avalanche forecast and use it to plan your trips
  • The daily process for a day in the backcountry
  • How to perform a companion rescue in case you or someone else gets caught in an avalanche

Avy Savvy is not a substitute for taking an AST course, but it will give you a leg up when you do.